Who is Dr. ing. Martijn Zoet?


International Keynote Speaker

Martijn Zoet offers inspiring lectures, that are known for breaking down complex hype-terms and technologies into understandable concepts. For this he uses everyday metaphors and analogies that connect to the everyday lives of his audience. Two examples of this are explaining Artificial Intelligence based on drinking a cup of coffee and explaining Blockchain technology based on a walk on the beach. After a session with Martijn, audience members always return home with new ideas and inspiration!


The only constant is change. Martijn continually researches and develops new concepts, methods and technologies. In addition to his overall interest in digital transformation, his main focus areas are: business rules management, decision management, decision mining, process mining, data mining, artificial intelligence, FinTech and HosTech. The core of his research focusses on how concepts, methods and technology impact you and your organization. Martijn is professor at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, and is supervising multiple PhD candidates.


As advisor and coach at EDM-Competence Centre Martijn coaches and supports corporations, governments and institutions to map their challenges and find solutions to these challenges. For Martijn, honest advice in understandable language is a key principle of doing business. Honest advice means occasionally harsh advice, because pain points are brought to the surface, however, always with the aim to improve your business operations.


You, your employees and your organization are on a continuous journey. During this journey you can try to discover everything yourself through 'trial and error'. However, the path of 'trial and error' can be a long, painful and costly experience. Fortunately, there is a way to ease this journey. During his training sessions and workshops, Martijn transfers his knowledge and experiences to your employees in an efficient and effective manner. This allows your employees to learn the methods, techniques and skills without having to fall into the usual pitfalls first. This saves your organization time, effort and resources. Popular courses that Martijn currently teaches are: Introduction to Decision Management, Decision Mining, FinTech and Specifying Business Rules.

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