Geert Jan Nieboer
Program Director - Finance Transformation
Bestuurslid Pensioenfonds

“We recently did 2 digital exploration sessions with Martijn, one with DSM’s global Finance Leadership Team and one with DSM’s pension fund management on opportunities and threats related to Fintech. In these sessions Martijn proves to be highly knowledgeable and interactive as a teacher and facilitator. He quickly leads you from creating awareness on the importance and abundance of data to insights on what is already all being done with these data to digitization opportunities in your domain with giving clear examples of the underlying essential mechanisms. It gives the audience some answers, but at least as many new questions and definitively creates awareness and energy around the topic.”

Area Vice President,
United Kingdom and Ireland, 
Marriott Hotels International

"We invited Martijn to present at 2 of our Annual General Manager 2018 Kick-Off Meetings in the United Kingdom. He delivered a truly inspiring and engaging presentation. He met our objectives and the attendees found Martijn’s presentation thought provoking and very motivating."

Tessa van der Veen
Junior Enterprise Architect
Werkzaam bij
Allianz Benelux

"Martijn is a committed and skilled teacher who pushes you to your limits. He motivates students by his enthusiastic way of teaching, by referring to actual items and also by being critical. Joining lectures provided by Martijn means, as a student, you do not only take in new information, you also participate in discussions. A simple yes or no answer is not enough. The motivation behind your choice is much more important, which teaches you to be critical and think beyond the given information. Martijn doesn't hesitate to help his students wherever he can and will always try to get the best out of you. He is absolutely one of the best teachers I have had so far."

Harco Leertouwer

"Energetic and inspiring as always presentation about the impact of artificial intelligence"

Matthijs van Dijk

"Martijn is a great teacher. Not only because he's an extremely enthusiastic person but mostly because he makes students feel ‘at home’ during his classes. Martijn taught me the basics of business rules management a subject he is passionate about. Additionally, Martijn motivated me to learn more about the subject. Unfortunately Martijn no longer teaches at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, I wish he had stayed longer.''

Eline de Haan

"Martijn is a great teacher, supervisor and coach at the same time. If I need to describe Martijn in a few words I would say: enthusiastic, motivated, professional, skilled, dedicated, judicial but fair. Martijn is always committed to his students, he really takes the time to provide feedback or explanations. He can empathize with the students and brings out the best in them. He was my supervisor during various projects, my first internship and my graduation project. I learned a great deal on both a personal and eductional level. I could not ask for a better coach and teacher for the past three years."

Paul Heiner
Werkzaam bij Everest

"Martijn is a natural teacher. His way of teaching and coaching individual students is just how it's supposed to be. His knowledge about process innovation in combination with business rules makes him a valuable person to have around. I'm glad that Martijn was my coach while graduating, and I recommend him to everyone I know."